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How Much Does A Solar Panel Cost?

Depending on the size of the property, the cost of a solar panel costs can vary. A lot of our customers wonder how much does a solar panel cost and at Solar Connection we help figure precisely how much costs would our customers will incur and if installing solar panels is the right decision to make. The benefits of installing solar panels outweigh the future costs that will come with regular electricity power.  There are many rebate and credit programs available to help reduce the costs of solar panel installations. These rebate and credit programs will be able to reduce the cost while financing the remainder of the cost of the solar panels. An additional benefit of solar power installation is increasing property value. An increase in property value of a home can add more profit when the decision to sell the home is made. Many people choose to purchase a home with solar power rather than electricity when purchasing a home. Click here for full article. 

Are You In Need Of Roofing Contractors That Can Install Solar?

Considering of going solar to save money? Look no further Solar Connection is your team for all of your solar needs. From roof repairs, to roof installation, and solar power panels, and window installation as well.

Home Solar Panel Energy Powers Millions of Green Jobs Across The United States

 According to the  Renewable Energy and Jobs  in 2016, the renewable energy sector employed close to 10 million people. Solar photovoltaic, the type used for rooftop solar panels — led the way by providing jobs to 3.1 million people. In the U.S., one in every 50 new jobs created in 2016 came from the solar industry. See full article for details.

Before You Choose A Roofer To Install Solar

Not all roofers can install solar. Check out the following tips before you install solar panels. Check out how  Solar Connect CA   can get your solar panels installed.

Who should I hire to install solar panels on our roof? 

Considering about adding solar panels to your home? Installing solar panels in your home will save you thousands of dollars you would have been spending on energy. This not only saves your hard earned money, but it protects the environment and our quality of life as human beings.  Our mission is to bring, clean, reliable energy to residential and commercial properties throughout the Los Angeles area. Click here for more information.